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The most important ranking factor of all.

The most important ranking factor of all.
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Recently, I've came across a great X (formerly Twitter) profile. Assuming that the information posted there is legit, there are some fascinating facts to be learned there.

One such leak concerns the talks between Microsoft and Apple on Bing.

supposed source of leak: [This document is from U.S. v. Google (2024).]

There are two key takeaways there. The first is the date of the e-mail and the second is:

since the most important search signal is engagement

There, back in 2018 all the higher ups knew, that what really matters is engagement, especially measured on mobile devices. Since they offer a more intimate interaction.

But here we are in 2024 still fighting over details without really understanding what focus on the user really means.

This falls nicely into the idea of putting traffic and users first, especially if you are growing your brand. Place SEO among other activities that should promote your brand, do not consider it to be the one and only customer driver for your business.

Put traffic first. That means that if you have to pay elsewhere to promote your brand - do it. SEO strategy will grow along it and give your real results.