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Google Search Console – deep dive with Sebastian Heymann

Last Saturday, I attended a deep dive course focusing on Google Search Console. I have to say that even though I’ve considered GSC as one of the main tools of the trade for any SEO. I was still able to understand the ins and outs of it better.  

It may seem strange, but I felt like a person using a tool was suddenly shown other ways of using it. I am always open to challenging my knowledge and learning new things, especially regarding tools that I consider fundamental in my work as an SEO.

When you constantly use something, you begin to work automatically—always resorting to the same actions, views, and solutions. Thanks to Sebastian, I was able to challenge the way I am using GSC in my daily work. It was a significant refresh, and I could learn new things from it.

But let’s go back to the beginning. Before starting the course, Sebastian made a LinkedIn post asking people to evaluate their knowledge of GSC. Well played Sebastian, well played. You’ve caught my attention. After taking it, I became curious about the material that Sebastian had prepared for this course.

The online session began on time and lasted for about 9 hours, including a few breaks. This was a lot to process. Thankfully, the information was presented in an approachable way. 

Sebastian used as many examples as possible and paid great attention to detail. No question was left unanswered, and other course participants often voiced their opinions and shared custom case studies.


– you can learn new things about your favourite tool,
– the significant part about the way Google does index content,
– good overall pace,
– working on real-life examples
– more practice, less theory

– 2 five hour-long sessions would be better. I have problems focusing after a few hours of listening, even if the material is great
– a little rearrangement of blocks would be beneficial
– more handouts could be great

Overall I give this course a solid 4/5, and if you want to rediscover one of the most useful SEO tools, this course is a good solution.